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I transform the lives of stressed out, confused and overwhelmed professionals who are desperate to take control of their health and habits and build unstoppable confidence.

Making time for yourself is just as important as making time for your business. How can you be your best self professionally if you’re constantly burnt out?

It’s time to take action and feel energised, healthy and more motivated than ever.


You've helped me massively and I'll be forever grateful. I feel the best I've felt for a long time and that's down to your help and guidance.
You have given me a new lease of life! Remember it is all down to you that my life has turned around and not particularly just due to my training either. You are an amazingly beautiful person inside and out and you are doing an amazing job! Xx
Your next level approach delivers next level results & long term sustainability. Thank you.
Only 8 sessions in with you but you are working with me, my lifestyle and work etc. I don't feel pressured by you which is so important. I appreciate your support and patience with me. X
Fantastic week training with Sophie Pavey. I’m the worst client, not sticking ot nutrition etc. yet despite this Sophies training, support and motivation is getting me towards my goals with consistency. Ive trained all my adult life & I’ve never progressed so much. Ive also trained with many trainers and Sophie is by far the best Ive encountered by miles. Thanks Sophie, keep doing you, you rock.
Sophie Pavey is fantastic and she does a tailored nutrition plan to your need and is very thorough. She’s at Anytime Fitness in Bramhall. I lost the weight I wanted to thanks to her guidance and she’s so approachable and friendly xxx
You get all the positive feedback because you are amazing at what you do … to say I am delighted with the results in such a short time is an understatement!!!
You’ve got me and my body back. Everyone has noticed my weight loss. You are brilliant and you care about our health and wellbeing. And you’re so easy to talk to! Thank you so much! Xxx
I can honestly say I have never eaten so much in the whole of my life since I started training with Sophie and …. I have never been happier with the way I look … This girl knows what she is doing X
Hi team also training with Sophie. Looking to tone up and build muscle. Sophie is a fantastic trainer she always pushes me to the max. Her advice regarding my diet requirements is invaluable. Always look forward to my PT sessions on a Saturday morning.
Im so glad you’re my PT! You’re the best xxx

“Personal training is great for keeping you motivated and on track with the goals you have in mind.

I started personal training because I needed a serious kick to get healthy, and lose the weight I’d put on from having a very bad diet. It might seem vain but it was when I needed some new jeans and had to go a size up from what I had previously worn because my normal size just didn’t fit. I didn’t feel attractive, I felt like a slob.

I won’t lie, I was expecting PT to be like something you see on the “The Biggest Loser” weight loss show where the PT’s were just yelling at the contestants to keep pushing! I can’t tell you how relieved I was you were absolutely nothing like that!

You understand me, and work around what my body isn’t able to do, and still get me the results you see in the pictures. You don’t get mad if I don’t stick to my diet all the time, so long as it’s not too often! I can talk to you like I talk to my friends, and I definitely consider you a friend, especially after you’ve put up with me for so long!

I have the body I wanted and then some, I feel more confident in myself. I walk a lot straighter than I did when I first met you, and you gave my diet the overhaul it needed to get me there, even when I thought I couldn’t cope with the changes made, I kept with it. Every week you saw me you kept telling me I’d lost weight and you could tell, and my friends and family have also noticed. Getting a PT was the best decision I made, and getting you was definitely the biggest plus ever.

My confidence is so much better, but that’s because I am happy with how I look. Energy levels are better, I feel more awake and not got that weighed down feeling anymore.

If I could describe you in a few words it would be… Caring, godsend, beautiful, talented, kind, trustworthy, committed, I know that’s more than a few, but I seriously am so grateful to you for getting me here. Thank you so much.”

“People spend so much money on things that do not benefit themselves. Health is the only thing you really have and personal training helps in both spheres; mentally and physically.

Sophie epitomises altruism. You could see her genuine passion to help people achieve their goals and importantly, no matter their starting point.

Sophie was instrumental to getting myself out of my depression. I’m not afraid to admit that I was in a really dark place and Sophie helped me, step by step and put me on a positive path.

Sophie is holistic unlike other PT’s. Helps with mental health, diet and nutrition and makes the sessions challenging yet achievable.

I achieved substantial results. It’s not all about the physical effects (my body shape improved) but a subtle contentment and confidence crept in to my everyday routine.

I actually have confidence now and my energy levels are through the roof! PT is just one part of the jigsaw that everyone is assembling in their lives but it promotes at the most individual/unique level one thing: progress.

Sophie is wise beyond her years. I hope one day, Sophie finds a way to replicate what Sophie does naturally on a wider scale. Sophie helped a person in the gutter to one who is now developing his own business.”

“Personal training is a fantastic way to tone your body and lose weight. I started personal training due to gaining weight and being depressed about the way I looked.

You have a fantastic attitude. You don’t believe in the words “I can’t” but you believe in the words “I can”. You know how to motivate me to get the best from me. You push me to my limits and give me confidence to exceed my limits.

I now feel toned and now feel confident in the way I look. I am now very confident in my everyday life. My energy levels are brilliant – used to feel lethargic and tired all the time.

You are professional, approachable and a fantastic motivator. You listen and work towards my goals and needs rather than just giving a generic programme.”

Become a healthier, happier, more confident you

Are you fed up of hesitating to take your top off, especially on the beach?

Do you want to feel sexier and more confident in front of your partner?

Maybe you just feel lost and confused with where to start?

I help everyday, busy people transform their bodies and their mindsets whilst enjoying life along the way. You can train hard, eat yummy food, manage a social and work life whilst looking and feeling amazing.



My clients happiness is the most important thing to me, I think it’s massively important to create long lasting results through communication, support and balance. I analyse your lifestyle, create a training and nutrition plan that is personal to you and constantly monitor, support and motivate you on the way to your goal.


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I take away the conflicting, overwhelming information and provide you with the training and nutrition tools to achieve your goal. I put a stop to the bullshit you’ve read online and leave you with amazing results, a better mindset and the tools to sustain them for life.


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