FOCUSED Group Training.

I love helping people on their journey of becoming stronger in mind, body and soul. I inspire and educate people to have a better quality of life whilst finding a balance that allows them to enjoy that life.

I am launching an elite group training to help more people become a healthier, happier, more confident version of themselves. These private sessions are exclusively for members of Anytime Fitness, who want to achieve long lasting results and happiness. There is a maximum of 4 people per session, so the chosen few will get to experience all of the benefits in 40 minutes!

With a choice of time slots, you can tick a workout off your to-do list without hindering sleep or your social life. Who doesn’t want to increase their serotonin levels and release endorphins to boost productivity and positivity for the rest of the day? It’s a no brainer!

Gain a sense of camaraderie whilst training with some other amazing people. Your motivation levels will rapidly increase when you see how much more fun it is training with others! Friendly competition is a healthy way of pushing yourself that little extra. What’s more motivating than seeing the person next to you pushing that bit more and progressing faster? With that being said, don’t forget the added amount of support and advice. Not only from me, but from everyone in the session too! We’re all on our fitness journey together, so you can share progress or any challenges you face with everyone.

Having adherence is a great way you keep you on track. Lets be honest, you’re more likely to turn up, stick to it and drive forward when other people are relying on you. Everyone loves some personal attention and unlike a busy gym class, you will receive the same help, support and encouragement as 1-1 clients. Accountability is a powerful and effective factor to achieving your personal training goals. When you become part of an inner circle of people, with the same focused mindset, helping to push and support each other when you need it most – amazing things happen!Each lovely person in the FOCUSED group training will receive bespoke training and nutrition plans designed from a lifestyle, movement and digestion analysis with goal setting. We will have weekly check ins to assess progress and reassess plans to achieve maximum results and of course you will always have 24/7 support! As well as this, you will gain knowledge and a new found sense of confidence and strength!

It gets better… You get 8 sessions for £280, that’s a saving of £120!! If you’re ready to receive 1-1 support whilst being able to buddy up with some amazing people for even more support, have a peak at the times below.

The 3 slots I have for you to chose from are:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6am
  • Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30am
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 12pm

Once you have chosen your preferred date or have any questions, direct message me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also email me at

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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