What is your opinion on fitness?

Which one of these do you agree with?

1. People who work out have too much time on their hands.

2. The gym is full of egotistical people.

3. I get a real buzz off training.

4. The gym is a social experience. Everyone is so lovely!

If you agree with 1 or 2, it sounds like you have a negative opinion of fitness or the gym environment.

I have set up this website to give people a little info on what I do and to show off my amazing clients. So if you have a negative image of the gym or even the people in there, hopefully I can change that. I am more than happy to give any advice so if you’re feeling a little intimidated to step foot into a gym or just need that extra motivation to start exercising, please contact me.

If you agree with 3 or 4, it sounds like you’re probably already at a gym and enjoying training. If so, lets connect on Instagram or Facebook and share our fitness journey together.

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