Are you left confused by the mountain of information online about what to eat and what not to eat?


Does this leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost when you try and take control of your diet?


Does the word diet make you think of boring and restrictive meals, so instead you think fuck it… Let’s order a takeaway?

Well I’ve created something especially for you…


The first eBook from Sophie Pavey Fitness.

The must have nutrition guide for the busy professional… Want to take control of your eating habits? Whipping up food for a happy mood will show you how.


Packed with quick meal ideas for when you’re on the go and useful tips for creating your favourite dish, all whilst helping you find a happy balance.


Whipping up food for a happy mood will help you upgrade and enrich your meal prep and planning.


This eBook gives you a simple introduction on why nutrition is important, how it can make you feel and offers you some quick and easy (but still yummy) meal ideas.


Everyone should be able to find a balance that allows them to achieve their goals, whilst still enjoying themselves along the way.


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