My mission is to

help all women feel

confident and empowered.


I'm Sophie,

Cheshire's Female Personal Trainer

I never had any confidence in the gym when I first started my fitness journey, so I know exactly how a new client is feeling when they first step foot into the gym. The weights section may seem like a daunting place to be but the benefits of being there far outweigh those scary thoughts. Since qualifying as a personal trainer in 2017 and gaining lots of gym experience over the years I know that all it takes is just getting started to realise there was actually nothing to be scared of at all and there is absolutely room for women in the weights area!

Get results like these

Sophie has this amazing knack of being able to push you to lift more than you think you ever could without you feeling like you will break! But at the same time doesn’t push you past your limits.

Her motivational knowledge is awesome and will coach you through realistic and sustainable eating, without cutting out any food groups!

I am definitely stronger and feel toned and more comfortable in my own skin. I would highly recommend Sophie if you are looking to start or renew your fitness journey.

Personal training with Sophie was different from what I expected because she really is so involved in your training and nutrition. She tailors the workouts specific to the goals you want to achieve and supports you in every way to achieve these goals. She creates a guide meal plan that incorporates the food you like with higher protein options with your calorie and protein target.


Sophie is a great PT for me as she works around my busy work schedule, she makes me feel welcome and relaxed when I’m training with her and I feel comfortable when I need to ask for extra help or advice on my workout or nutrition. Her recipe books have a been a god send as they include all the macros which makes it so much easier for when I’m meal prepping for work. She knows exactly how I felt when I first started and I feel she makes everyone feel so so welcome. She knows how to push me to do my best even when I feel like giving up she gives you that little boost of confidence you need to carry on! She is also always there and will answer any questions you have so quickly!

I’ve trained with Sophie for just over 3 months now and I’ve achieved so much. I am now much more comfortable in the gym, I’ve even been on my own which I would never have done if it wasn’t for starting with Sophie! Ive seen changes in my body that I didn’t think were possible; I’ve actually got a waist now! Ive gained so much knowledge on better food choices and also knowing that everyone has a treat here and there and that’s okay!


My confidence has soared since starting with Sophie both in the gym and out of the gym! I’m coming to terms with it’s a lifestyle change not a quick fix and I’m so happy that I’ve fallen back in love with training. I feel so much stronger and healthier since starting and my energy levels are sky high! I think Sophie has brought the best out of me and I can’t wait to continue this journey!

Do it for YOU.

Making time for yourself is just as important as making time for your business. How can you be your best self professionally if you’re constantly burnt out? It’s time to take action and feel energised, healthy and more motivated than ever.


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