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5 reasons you're not losing weight

October 14, 20222 min read

Losing weight doesn't have to be complicated and overwhelming, keeping it simple is how we create good habits and achieve sustainable results.

With that said, here are 5 reasons you're not losing weight as effectively as you'd like.

1. Not tracking calories at the weekend

You can’t be sure how many calories you’re consuming unless you’re tracking them. If you’re not losing weight you’re probably not in a calorie deficit and it can be easy to over eat without even realising. Let’s start with not tracking calories at the weekend... A pizza can be 2,000 calories so even if you share it with someone else that’s still 1,000 calories in one sitting, not to mention the sides, deserts and drinks!

2. Eating the kids left overs

This is so easily done but you could be eating over 100 calories each time you do so, if you’re doing it every day that's 700 calories over your target for the week. 

3. Not tracking liquid calories

A bottle of wine is 600 calories so it’s a good idea to track what you drink as well as what you eat. It may surprise you to know that a large coffee from one of Britain's most popular coffee shops has more calories in it than a double cheeseburger. That's right, Costa's 'massismo' mocha has a staggering 469 kcal packed into one cup.

4. "Eating back" calories you've burnt

Smartwatches aren’t always accurate and we don’t need to ‘eat back’ calories burnt. More to the point, burning calories shouldn’t be the sole reason we exercise! Stick to your calorie deficit and keep it simple.

5. Pretending you haven't eaten something

Pretending you haven’t eaten something so you don't have to track it is just cheating yourself. 4 choccy digestives add up to nearly 350 calories and let’s not pretend we stop at 4, especially with a cup of tea!

There is nothing wrong with having a pizza, sharing food with your kids or having a glass of wine and some chocolate. The point is that these all contain extra calories that you’re consuming and not accounting for.

You can’t be annoyed that your weight hasn’t dropped if you’re not being honest with yourself, your coach or your food tracker about what you’re eating.

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Sophie Pavey

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